High Value Aggregate Solutions for Pet Care Products

Easy Operation and Quick Format Change

Pet Care

We are strongly present in the underpad market, with high performance and high aggregate value solutions. We offer complete and extremely flexible solutions. Gevas packaging machines have a high degree of quality and place your product safely inside the package, allowing applications at various speed ranges and compression rates. The stacker machine has been carefully designed for large products such as underpad products, providing careful grouping and precision in the counting.

In addition to these features, our solutions offer fast change size format parts, simple operation and high overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
Our machines are flexible, robust and modularly designed, allowing to pack in a variety of countings with one and two row formations. For the bundle package process, we have functionalities that allow to group the most varied formations present on the market, vertical or horizontal package positions, ensuring a stable, compressed secondary packaging with great appearance. We also offer solutions to automate the process of boxing in cardboard boxes.

Machine Solutions for

Under Pads

Gevas GW
GEVAS Bundler GW
for Infant Care, Adult Care and Pet Care Products
  • Inlet: up to 120 Gevas AM: bags/min
  • Outlet: up to 15 Gevas AM: bundles/min
  • Bundle Dimensions: max. 600 mm x 800 mm x 400 mm
Machine Details
Gevas G3.4
GEVAS G3.4 Stacker and Bagger Automatic Integrated System
for Infant Care, Adult Care and Pet Care Products
  • Inlet: up to 1,000 products/min
  • Outlet: up to 50 packages/min
  • Package Dimensions: max. 600 mm x 500 mm x 250 mm
Machine Details